Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities  


ACSRC is a joint initiative between the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus and Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, that strives to fill the gap for research and policy in rural areas by fostering constructive dialogue, promoting interdisciplinary and collaborative research, and developing partnerships between University of Alberta and rural communities in Alberta and beyond. 


The mission of the ACSRC is to link the research, outreach and educational capacity of the University of Alberta with students, researchers, rural communities, rural community organizations and policy makers at multiple levels across the province, nationally, and internationally in order to support the improved sustainability of rural communities and populations. 


The ACSRC has established 5 goals which, through their accomplishment, will move the Centre toward achieving its mission in a fashion consistent with its vision and values. Each goal is supported by key objectives (bulleted) which, in turn, will guide the day-to-day operations of the Centre:


  • Research: Stimulate, support and conduct research on the multiple elements of rural community sustainability.

  • Education: Stimulate and support innovative education in rural community development, sustainability and policy.

  • Outreach: Generate greater interaction and collaboration with rural community stakeholders.

  • Knowledge synthesis, translation and exchange (KSTE): Stimulate, support and conduct KSTE to support evidence-informed decision-making and governance at multiple levels, from the local to the international.

  • Sustainable Operations


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