Oct 2-4 2015


*Schedule is draft and subject to minor changes


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3:00pm // Bonus Session: Grant Writing

6:30 pm // Opening Reception in the Bailey Theatre (5041 50 St, Camrose)


8:15am // Breakfast in the Augustana Cafeteria (Basement)

9:00am // Welcome

9:20am // Keynote speaker.  Pillars of Innovation,  Jason Dewling, Olds Collge

10:20am // Concurrent Session 1

a.  Implementing a Wood Waste Recycling Program!(Part A; to be followed in next session by Toso Bozic).  Jim Donaldson, Alberta Wood Waste Recycling Association

b.  Poverty and Affordable Housing in Camrose, Alberta.  Cody McCarroll, Camrose Habitat For Humanity

c.  Blue is the New Green Walter Dunnewold, ATCO

d.  Building Partnerships to Enhance Service Delivery in Rural Areas (Part A).  Colin Holloway/Linda Brett, Office of Public Engagement, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

e.  Workforce Development: Challenges and Opportunities.  Jean Vidal, Alberta Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour 

f.  Women Wanted? Gender and Municipal Politics in Alberta​.  Shauna Wilton, Augustana Campus, University of Alberta


11:20am // Coffee Break

11:40am// Concurrent Session 2

a.  From Waste to Energy Solutions (Part B; following Jim Donaldson in prior concurrent session).   Toso Bozic,  Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

b.  Think Local, Act Global​.   Eleanor Miclette, County of Northern Lights

c.  Protected areas as a critical component of sustainable development strategies​.   Glen Hvenegaard, Augustana Campus, University of Alberta

d.  Building Partnerships to Enhance Service Delivery in Rural Areas (Part B)​.   Colin Holloway/Linda Brett, Office of Public Engagement, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

e.  Understanding Rural Human Capital​.   Trent Keough, Portage College


12:40pm// Lunch in the Augustana Chapel (Main Floor, Faith and Life)

1:30pm// Concurrent Session 3

a.  The new rural is regional? Moving beyond municipal boundaries.  Bill Ashton, Rural Development Institute, Brandon University

b.  Thinking Forward: Attracting and Retaining Employees in Rural Settings​.  Kristen Cumming, Cantos Consulting

c.  Just Add Water, and Stir​.  David Samm and Susanna Bruneau, Battle River Watershed Association 

d.  An overview of Continuing Care in Alberta and the issues for rural communities.  Sandra Woodhead Lyons, Institute for Continuing Care Education & Research

e.  Broadband and Beyond​.  Barb Scully, Parkland County

f.  Stronger Together: A Toolkit for First Nations- Municipal Community Economic Development Partnerships​.  Morgan Bamford, Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers and Murray Kerik, Reeve MD Lesser Slave River


2:35pm // Concurrent Session 4

a. Rural Internships for Small Communities: Structure, Experience and Practice.  Lars Hallstrom, Augustana Campus, University of Alberta and Barb Sjoquist, Mayor, Village of Edgerton  

b.  The Co-operative Advantage: Opportunities for economic development, mobilizing local resources and local control.  Seth Leon, Alberta Community and Cooperative Association

c.  Challenges in Building a Regional Energy from Waste Utility​.  Paul Ryan, Southern Alberta Energy from Waste Association

d.  Putting a face to rural homelessness​.  Solina Richter, Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta.

e.  Developing and Navigating Environmental Management Systems​.  Blayne West, Sustainable Futures. 

f.  Engaging Citizens, Leading Communities. Maria deBruijn, Emerge Solutions Incorporated


3:35pm // Coffee Break

3:55pm // Concurrent Session 5

a.  Local Leadership Key to Addressing Community Energy Needs.  Jordan Webber, Starland County

b. Changing Rural Demography​.   Kristen Cumming, Cantos Consulting

c.  Building Trust: Lessons from a Long-Term Collaboration.  Dee Patriquin and Glen Lawrence, Beaver Hills Initiative

d.  A Story of Attracting and Retaining Doctors to Rural Alberta.  Rebekah Seidel, Chris Carr, Rural Physicians Action Plan

e.  Doing Business with the Government of Canada.  Darlene Chuka, Office of Small and Medium Enterprise


5:00pm // Partner Showcase in the Jean and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre (Augustana Campus)

6:30pm // The Commons Gala and Dinner in the Jean and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre (Augustana Campus)



8:15am // Breakfast in the Augustana Cafeteria 

9:00am // Keynote Speaker.  The Changing Face of Rural and Regional Development in Canada: New Opportunities, New Approaches.  Rob Greenwood, Memorial University, Newfoundland.

10:05am // Concurrent Session 1

a.  Online Marketing on a Budget.  Brian Siddle, Strong Coffee Marketing

b.  Three Key Pieces to the Non-Profit Governance Puzzle: Fiduciary, Strategic, Generative.  Jenn Beyer, Alberta Culture and Tourism

c.  Being intentionally political: implementing creativity to create public hype, an example of an urban farmer.  Ryan Mason

d.  Assessing the Factors Impacting the Sustainability of the Clarenville-Bonavista RegionColin Holloway, Office of Public Engagement, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador



11:05am // Coffee Break

11:25am // Concurrent Session 2

a.  Using Expertise to Stand Out Online.  Brian Siddle, Strong Coffee Marketing

b.  Illuminating the Realities of L.E.D. Streetlight Technology.  Bryon Schwartz and Dustin Baptist, ATCO

c.  Fibre Forward to Today.  Mitch Thomson, Olds Institute

d.  Innovation Strategies in Rural Manitoba.  Bill Ashton, Rural Development Institute, Brandon University

e.  Non-Profit Governance: Legalities, Ethics and Membership, Oh My!  Jen Beyer, Alberta Culture and Tourism


12:25pm // Bag lunch and departure - Pick-up in the Augustana Chapel