The RAIL Commons will provide in-depth information that will create a strong foundation for understanding rural communities; economic development strategies, realities, best practices and challenges, and subject matter surrounding the wellbeing of rural as a whole.  Our speakers will talk on subjects such as: governance, water, continuing care, gender, regionalization, alternative energy and much more. 


Jason Dewling
Vice President of Academics and Research, Olds College
Rob Greenwood
Memorial University
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Lars Hallstrom
Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities, University of Alberta
Kristen Cumming
Cantos Consulting
Bill Ashton
Rural Development Institute, Brandon University
Iris Neumann
Institute for Continuing Care Education and Research
Jim Donaldson
Alberta Wood Waste Recycling Association
Toso Bozic
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
Shauna Wilton
University of Alberta, Augustana Campus
Glen Hvenegaard
University of Alberta, Augustana Campus
Brian Siddle
Strong Coffee Marketing
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More Confirmed Speakers Coming Soon 

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