Speakers 2017

The RAIL Commons will provide in-depth information that will create a strong foundation for understanding rural communities: economic development strategies, realities, best practices and challenges, and subject matter surrounding the wellbeing of rural as a whole.  Our speakers will address subjects such as:  cumulative impacts (social and ecological) of resource development; broadband and the digital divide in rural; local food; women in municipal politics; quality of life for rural seniors; fragmentation and conversion of agricultural land; rural youth engagement; flood and disaster management; economic diversification and much more.
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Roger Epp, U of A
Wendy Duggleby, U of A
Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta
Mary Beckie, U of A
Lars Hallstrom, ACSRC
Michael McNally, U of A
Brian Joubert, Alberta Parks
Joyce Gould, Alberta Parks
Toby Williams, Olds College
Chris Buse, UNBC
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